Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Simple Birthdays?

Katelin's stilt dreams come true...

I love making my kids feel special on their birthdays, but it is easy for things too get carried away. Sometimes all of the partying, gifts, and crazy schedules can be too much leading to overstimulated, overtired, over-cranky and over-possessive kids. There is a fine line between feel special and being ultra-spoiled. This is what I'm learning as I try to keep birthdays simpler.
  • Just a few birthday presents go a long way.
  • Craigslist helps you meet birthday wishes without wasting $40 on a pair of stilts (or something else) that will rarely be used.
  • Limit your birthday party guest list (this is hard for me). The "experts" suggest one child per birthday candle.
  • We have a friend birthday party only every other year. On the off years, we do something fun as a family (these are my favorites).
Last week as our whole week was spent prepping for Katelin's party, she started turning a little Birthday Girl-Zilla on me... Simple requests turned into demands followed by the phrase, "It is my birthday."

We finally had to have a little chat; she took it well and corrected her behavior quickly (she is, after all, a great kid). In the midst of all of the party planning, I think she started feeling, and acting, a little Diva-ish.

So I am asking, how do you keep birthdays simple? Pretty sure I could use a little help in that department.


Buddy Roberts said...

Kellie, Im sure your not asking me that question right???

Amber said...

I know two families that don't give their children parties every year. One does it every other year and the other does only landmark birthday parties when their kids turn 5, 8, 12, and 16. Sure they do a family party but not the invite the whole class thing every year. This year I let Jackson just bring 1 friend to a movie and out to dinner with the family instead of having a huge party again like I did last year. He did tell me he would rather have the party, but I felt like we had just done one. Anyway, just some ideas. Happy Wednesday!

Kellie said...

Buddy, yes I am asking you. You make birthdays a big deal, but your kids don't act rotten. What is your secret?