Friday, June 2, 2000

about me and life simplified

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, Trevor, and our three kids. I believe that simpler is better, that childhood is sacred and should be treasured, that life can and should be full of joy, and that our relationships (with our family, our friends, our God, and with the world around us) matter more than just about anything else in life. I'm a Mormon - a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - and much of what I write and believe is influenced by my faith.

I am also the kind of person who is always trying to make things a little bit better, so, more than anything, this blog is about my attempts at improving myself - my life, my child-rearing habits, and my contribution to the world in general. I write about my attempts at simplifying, I write about counting the gifts in my life, I write about my children and my family, and I write about anything else that happens to be my mind.

All this writing is my therapy -- my way of coping with the challenges of being the stay at home mother to three incredibly bright (and therefore challenging) little ones. It lifts me. If my writing lifts you, then that is twice as good. Happy reading.

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Texas Dimons said...

The picture of you on the right side of the page is gorgeous!!!