Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Mermaid / Pirate Party at Sea

Katelin has been planning her sixth birthday party for months. She chose a theme last fall (and actually stuck with it) and after waiting all month long, the day finally arrived.

My own little mermaid

A not so scary pirate

The kids colored treasure maps.

And made pirate ships and mermaids

Lina waited patiently in the stroller

Then we raced. Pirates vs. Mermaids. Kids could only get their boat across by blowing or pushing it with their noses.

Later on, everyone had a chance to walk the plank.

And we had a special visit from a mermaid (who sent everyone diving for treasure).

Finally, the pirate ship arrived. It took a beating, but I think everyone enjoyed it.

Then we went for food: fishy crackers, a pirate ship filled with watermelon cannons, and cupcakes. We finished things off with a treasure hunt (sorry no pictures).

I'm pretty sure Katelin was in birthday heaven.


Kathy said...

Looks like Katelin had a fantastic birthday-----I like the mermaid and pirate posters

cjmom said...

That is a great birthday party!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday to Katelin! Boy, that mermaid sure does look lovely. Cute, cute party.