Thursday, June 30, 2011


I say we have a girl house. Lots of pinks, dolls, and quiet activities. Seth throws us for a loop with his dinosaur growling and not-so-pretend play fighting, but still, we have kind of a girl house. So what happens when my sister-in-law shows up with three little boys?

Some hugging (which will soon lead to wrestling)

Some dirt-eating

Some trucking

Some digging

Overall, just a whole lot of playing

At the end of two days of going to the pool, the splash pad, and the dinosaur dig, I found the crew curled up while Katelin read a book. Yes, boys like reading too.

Aunt Julie, thanks for bringing us a car load of fun. When are you coming back?


Lisa said...

FUN! Isn't that splash pad/dino dig awesome! We just went for the first time last week and the kids loved it. We need to playdate - I miss y'all!

Kelly said...

How wonderful to have your sister show up with her kids for a visit! I would love that!