Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Speaking of Birthdays

With Lina's birthday behind us, Katelin has started a little wishlist as her turn in the Birthday spotlight is right around the corner.

This is what she consistently wishes for:

  1. stilts
  2. a pogo stick
  3. a violin (and lessons to go with them)
  4. a dog

She's also hoping for a fancy six-year-old friend party. Me, I prefer to party family style... For Lina's day we headed to the pool.

Do you think she liked it?

Later she opened gifts... a new dress.

Add a little cake and balloons and I call that a day!

P.S. I've been counting gifts I'm on #64... I'll share more soon.


Christina said...

Is she already one? I am interested to see if you comply with Katelin's birthday requests. Even as an adult, I was never able to master the pogo stick. Hopefully your offspring is more talented.

Kelly said...

I was thinking you were going to count them all on your blog and was thinking that sounds like a LOT of work! Glad you're still counting.

I can't believe how time flies! Your kids are so precious.

Kellie said...

No Kelly... I'm inspired to count, but not on my blog, nor do I expect everyone would be interested to read the 1000 things I find worthwhile. I'll just share bits and pieces as I go along.