Saturday, November 5, 2011

I love/hate Halloween

Except for Halloween carnivals, gory Halloween decor and celebrations that start two weeks before the actual holiday, I really do enjoy Halloween. Who doesn't love to see cute kids in cute costumes roaming the streets after dark? Well, I sure do. I also love visiting the neighbors we love, and the neighbors we haven't ever met and winning them over with my adorable kids. Here is this years line-up.

First-up - Mermaid Katelin. We doctored her 2nd hand mermaid costume with an old leotard. Much more comfy than the original top and cute to boot.

Pirate Seth was hard to pin down. He never stops moving for a picture. His costume was fashioned from a woman's white blouse, a brown woman's sleeveless shirt, and some red fabric. I did a lot of cutting to pull this together, but he was pleased.

Finally we have bunny rabbit Lina. Someone gave us this little costume which Katelin likes to wear on occasion. Here Lina is showing us how you can do yoga in this costume, because it is so comfy.

And finally the whole crew, with Grandma (my mom), who flew in for the Halloween festivities. Don't mind the pirate dance... he is just celebrating all of his pirate loot.

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