Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two months later...

In the Book of Mormon the prophet Jacob writes, "our lives passed away as it were like unto us a dream." For some reason, that resonates with me. Life slips away so quickly. Katelin started kindergarten... two months ago. What happened to those two months? What happened to the last six years? It has just slipped quietly by, and I have barely had time to notice and acknowledge the passing. So today, I'm stopping to try and recapture that first day of kindergarten.

Due to some timing issues with our house, we were five days away from moving when Katelin started kinder. Yes, this is not what child psychologists would advise, but life isn't always perfect.

For the first five days of school, Katelin left around 6:45am to commute to school (literally) and arrive in time for the 7:45 morning meeting. This meant breakfast was usually eaten in the car (see it packed and ready to go on the counter).

I drove Katelin to school that first morning. Here she is pretending to look traumatized.

This picture more accurately portrays how she felt. Anxious, excited and ready for something new.

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Claudia Lane said...

too cute! love those expressions!
Claudia xo