Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#485 - Katelin calls her nose a sniffer

Inspired by this book, I recently made a goal to count one thousand gifts in my life. I'll be sharing some of my list and insights with you as I go along this little journey.

Feeling pretty thankful for these people

"Extraordinary moments often masquerade as ordinary life."

I keep trying to find words to express how I grateful I am for today. For this day that promised to be too much -- too much grocery shopping, too much baking, too much laundry, too much packing.

What it has proved to be is me recruiting my kids to gather acorns, lots of acorns, in front of Old Navy. It is me laughing out loud when Katelin said, "My sniffer isn't doing to good." It is the kids putting Christmas presents together, then fighting, but then playing in the mud in my rugged back yard. And something about all of this wells up in me until I can't help but feel overcome with how blessed I am.

Tomorrow, there is much to give thanks for here.


cjmom said...

Happy Day! Love you!

Amber said...

Cute blog!

Christina said...

Did you read the First Presidency message this month? It goes right along with your post. p.s. I never noticed that you and Trevor look like each other.