Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simple Gratitude

#1 - Katelin swinging, hair sweeping the ground below

I think we all have them. Moments when joy just kind of creeps in, overtaking your entire existence. You feel it in your toes, your gut, your face. You walk lighter. Breathe deeper. Notice more. These are the moments that make life.

But you can't have those moments when you are wanting. It's the wanting that gets you, eroding your happiness and robbing you of those moments. The problem is that there are just so many things to want - more money, more time, a big house in the suburbs, kids, the perfect guy or girl, a better job, a job at all, the luxury of staying home with the kids, just one day away from the kids. We want that new book, a new haircut, a cleaner house, a simpler life. The truth is that it is so easy, and so natural to want.

I think there is a better way. A way to capture the moments that are around us - just waiting to be noticed... appreciated. It isn't as natural - but it is powerful - to stop wanting, and start enjoying and appreciating what you do have. To count -to quote a favorite hymn- your blessings.

I just finished reading the book One Thousand Gifts, which chronicles what happens when one woman takes the dare to start listing one thousand gifts in her life. The book was interesting (if a bit long and wordy), and I've been thinking that maybe this counting, this expression of gratitude for the good things in our lives is exactly what living a simple life is about - enjoying the extraordinary things that come along in our ordinary lives. To take notice of the daily miracles.

When you are busy noticing, there isn't time for wanting more, and when you notice how much you have, wanting more seems silly anyway. I am ready to be busy noticing, experiencing and rejoicing. If you are too, join me. Take the dare - and count with me - to one thousand.

#2 - Orange cantaloupe, cut into bits for breakfast


Kelly said...

One thousand! You certainly aim high, Kellie! I think a hundred sounds impressive, but if you want to follow the book, I suppose it's got to be a grand. I love that picture of Katelin. I'm looking forward to your sharing your sweet moments of joy, my friend.

Amy K said...

I love the idea Kellie! You are inspiring!!