Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simple Grocery Shopping

my grocery planner

Every Thursday I go grocery shopping. Last week, I made the attempt to complete this weekly chore with three kids in tow (with preschool is out, it is my only option). Bribes were promised, lists were made, and away we went. To my delight and surprise, we were in and out of Walmart within 35 minutes. This wouldn't have been possible a few months ago, but I've done a few things to streamline the process and make grocery shopping a little bit simpler. These ideas aren't new, but they help.

First, I made a grocery planner (here). I post it on the fridge each week and as we notice something we need to pick up at the grocery store, we add it to the list. The planner is organized in the order I shop in the grocery store to help me get through as quickly as possible. There is room for the weekly menu to be listed at the bottom of the page, and as I plan weekly meals, I add the ingredients to my grocery planner (in the appropriate category). This one little tool has saved me hours of time.

Then I made another time saver, grocery lists for my kids (here). The kids circle the healthy food they want, which helps them to feel like I bought something they wanted, and when they start begging for something I don't want to buy, I usually respond, "Is it on the list?" It usually curbs the whining a little bit.

Finally, I made a commitment to only go to the grocery store once a week. I rarely stop back in for milk or some odd or end. If we forgot something, it goes on the list. You would be surprised what you can live without for a few days. Once I did this, I discovered that I no longer live at the grocery store. This saves time and money... Less time shopping means more time at the pool. With this heat, we need it.

I promise Lina's within arm's reach..

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Christina said...

This is a great idea. It seems like I am at the store every day. Also, congrats on surviving Walmart with three kids. Amazing. Truly amazing.

Kellie said...

Yes... miracles do happen.