Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Kill an Afternoon

When 4:00pm hits, no dinner is in sight, and there are three unruly little people running amuck in the house, it is time for an intervention.

The intervention has to be irresistible, which means, it will probably be messy...

But the mess is worth it, when it gives the kids a chance to tap into their creative side, and leaves me an hour of peace and quiet, just enough time to pull a meal together and maybe scrub the chocolate hand prints off of the wall.

Not something I am willing to do every day, but sometimes it can save my afternoon.

Here are a few tips if you think you'd like to try this with your own little rapscallions -
  1. It might be good to forewarn participants that shaving cream should not be imbibed at any point in time.
  2. It's a good idea to do this activity a few moments before bathtime... or just before you are planning to shave your child's head.
  3. Following this activity - you might find shaving cream on the floor, inside of a random toy, behind the baby's ear, and in any number of other random locations.
  4. Also note - cookie sheets involved in this experiment will smell freshly shaven, and may transfer that lovely aroma to future cookies you will bake on them.

1 comment:

~~ Jill ~~ said...

Ahh, I love your ability to let loose and allow your kids to simply go at it with their hands and minds! Messy but a nice way to get some needed time for your own tasks. And thanks for the warning about shaving cream cookies :) Dallin would love this . . . now if I can just bring myself to let him loose!