Monday, June 13, 2011

#183 - Kids Counting Fingers and other things I love

Inspired by this book, I recently made a goal to count one thousand gifts in my life. I'll be sharing some of my list and insights with you as I go along this little journey.

# 184 - Katelin's freckles

Katelin is my big girl. Four lost teeth and a sixth birthday in just twelve more days remind me that the early years for her are pretty much gone. Today she swam with her face under water, grated cheese for her salad (yes, salad!), and bathed herself, all without my assistance. She is my constant reminder that one day, these days of feeding, bathing, and potty-training will come to an end. She is also my right-hand man, my conversationalist, and "the" big sister.


In the morning, I catch Katelin sitting on the couch with Seth at her side, hands in front of her as she pointed to each finger - "This is pinkie, then ring finger, tall man, pointer and thumb. Can you repeat them back to me?"


Seth is struggling a bit with swimming lessons. For some reason the hole pumping water on the side of the pool is a whole lot more interesting to him than laying on his back in the arms of a strange teenage girl he doesn't know. Go figure.

One morning the instructors try to to coax him into the water, Katelin comes to him, grabs his hand and says, "Come on, Seth, you can do it." I watch and silently cheer for both of them.


"I wish I was still a baby," Katelin tells me one afternoon, "with cute little curls like Lina's." I want to tell her that sometimes, I wish she was still a little baby, but instead I sympathize, "Sometimes it's hard to be the oldest, but sometimes it's great."


On the morning of preschool graduation, I overhear Katelin in the bathroom, talking to herself, "I'm just not ready for this," she says. The truth is, I know she is ready, and I think that I just might be ready too.

#78 - Five year old pride, grinning from ear to ear

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Christina said...

There is something wonderful, yet sad about a child growing up. While it's fun to see them grow and develop, it's hard not feel bad about the years you'll never get back. Hard to believe she's going to school next year.