Thursday, June 16, 2011

#139 - Trevor & his Motorcycle

Inspired by this book, I recently made a goal to count one thousand gifts in my life. I'll be sharing some of my list and insights with you as I go along this little journey.

How I love my boys!

In November, Trevor got a motorcycle for his birthday. I can't say I actually purchased it myself; you can't purchase a guy's motorcycle without his input, but I was the driving force behind it.

It's been interesting to watch people react to this -

"Soooo.... Trevor has a motorcycle???" (Imagine shock and alarm)

"He has a motorcycle? He just doesn't seem like the type."

"You let him have a motorcycle? I would never..."

And yes, I let Trevor have a motorcycle.... because he promises to drive safe, because it saves some gas money, but mostly, because it makes him happy. I didn't really get it, until, I went for a spin with him shortly after he purchased it. Suddenly free of the metal box I call a car, I stopped worrying about where we were going and enjoyed the ride --the wind whooshing past, the smell of tacos coming from somewhere (but where - because I really want one), the glass-like surface of a lake as we drive past, and the cars and drivers and passengers - all travelling on their own little journeys. It is so freeing...

So every morning, as three kids and I wave goodbye from the garage as Trevor heads off to work, I know that while he will miss out on our pool visits and park trips, while he won't catch Lina grinning after mastering a jar lid, and while the day might bring him any number of stresses - he will probably come home smiling.

It's thirty minutes I can "give" every morning and evening to the guy who gives pretty much everything else to me. Thanks Trev... and Happy Father's Day!

Getting ready for work.

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