Thursday, March 10, 2011

Give me a good day...

On the best days, I have time to enjoy this gummy little grin.

I don't deal well with busy days.

Do you know someone who is always going? Always moving? Always thinking of the next thing on their jam-packed calendar? They move from thing to thing smoothly, taking in every minute and enjoying it.

I am not that person. Give me a day of running, moving, and fitting one more thing in and I am a mess. No focus. No fun. Just a bad mood.

Instead, give me a day that isn't too full, but not too empty either. Give me a morning where instead of hurrying my kids, we can stop and talk about the bug that isn't a fly, but isn't a butterfly either. Give me an afternoon where I can take time to work on a project while my kids make a huge mess with play dough in the kitchen. And an evening with enough time to clean up that mess and throw a simple meal on the table in time to eat together.

That is a day that makes me happy. That is what I work for.

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~~ Jill ~~ said...

I am with you on this one . . . I am not one for full and busy days. One thing after another just stresses me out. But on the other hand - a dad that is too empty to begin with can be just as hard. I like to have one or two things that I KNOW I WILL accomplish that day and then the rest of the day can just come and go as it happens. I like to get things done but like to be able to stop and take in those little bugs - insects as well as my kiddos :)