Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bests and Worsts

Do you have a best/worst organization spot in your house? Here are mine.

Best - at least the most functional

The entry way.

Why it works: hooks for kids coats and jackets, place for shoes, a spot to put everything before we go inside the house. It works because it has a purpose.


Why this doesn't work: No clear purpose here. This is the catch all spot. It has household supplies, cleaning supplies, old fabric, old crafts, gifts, wrapping paper, gift bags, kids craft projects, preschool supplies, old clothes and more.

Cleaning out this closet won't help unless I change some habits.

Wanna share your best/worst places? You can post them here.


I'm also wondering if any of you took some think time this week? I did. I'm going to make it a weekly habit.

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