Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's the little things

Isn't life a little bit better when you can wear a chef hat? We've broken ours out in preparation for next week's festivities!

Last night after dinner I had a few moments of peace. Katelin and Seth were learning uplifting stuff as they played games on the scriptures4kids website (here). Lina was sitting in her high chair banging toys and putting them in her mouth. I washed pans, wiped counters and swept crumbs. Then one of my favorite songs started playing on Pandora radio, sweet and sincere, it reminded to stop and be thankful. I looked from Lina to Seth to Katelin and felt that surge of gratitude for all of the happy chaos that comes with being the mother of these three wonderful kids.


Heidi said...

I was thinking about your minivan lol. Look at the Ford Flex. It's a bit original in its look but they are so spacey and nice inside.

Michelle W. Nate said...

It's a beautiful mess we live in. I'm so thankful for moments like that when we truly do remember what is important and the blessings we have.