Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not what I had imagined

A view of downtown Austin from Mt. Bonnell

Over three years ago, Trevor, Katelin and I packed up every item we owned into a yellow 22-foot moving truck. We then climbed into the front seat (all three of us) and left Chicago on our way to a new life in Austin. It was exhilarating.

Maybe because it was such a dramatic turning point in our lives, I remember details - noticing dog hair all over the cab of the trunk, listening over and over again to "Hey there Delilah" (Katelin's favorite tune at the time), leaving Katelin's blue 4th of July onesie in an Extended Stay in St. Louis, getting sick just looking at a billboard advertising the restaurant Chipotle (I was barely pregnant with Seth at the time). It was a memorable drive.

We arrived in Austin on Friday. Neither of us had ever been here and we had exactly one day to find an apartment before Trevor would head to Maine for job training while Katelin and I flew home for a family reunion.

On Saturday we looked at exactly one apartment. We immediately signed a lease and almost everything about our life here is affected by that single decision, a decision we made without a lot of consideration, research, or prayer for that matter. But looking back, I know we were led to this apartment at this time of our lives. It turns out that a few urgent prayers are pretty effective when you really need them.

I had no idea then how much I would grow to love Austin. In fact, I am not sure how Trevor convinced me to move here to begin with ; I was very set on moving closer to home. What I didn't know, is that I was moving home, just a different home than I had imagined.

Sometimes when I am worrying about decisions that need to be made, big or small, I think back to that day and to the decisions we made to move to Austin and to this apartment. I remember I don't need to worry so much. Things work out. And when it is finally time to make a decision, even a small decision, we are guided and we know exactly what we need to do.


Kelly said...

Are you sure you were pregnant with Seth when you were moving to Austin? I thought that came later, but I could be wrong. I'm glad you made it to Texas! I love it there and hope you'll still be there when we move back.

Kellie said...

That isn't the sort of thing you forget... Seth was born exactly seven months after we moved. But, I didn't look very pregnant until we had been here for a few months.

Christina said...

It's so true. But I still worry, even though things have always worked out and hopefully always will in the future.