Friday, October 1, 2010

Almost three months ago...

Lina - July 2010

Don't ask me what happened to summer. All I know is that three months ago, I still had a brand-new little baby and now, that baby is gone. Replaced, in a way, with a new more giggly version of that little one. She really is a delight (in most ways), but pretty soon, she will change and outgrow this version of herself, too.

Having a new baby helps you to see how quickly time slips away. It is a reminder to slow down and enjoy the short time. She will only be little for a minute.

In spite of the reminder, I still find myself running around, checking things off of my to do list, feeling busy, busy, busy. I'm working on slowing down. Breathing. Feeling my toes. It isn't easy to do, but I'm trying.

P.S. Are you as excited as I am for a lot of spiritual enlightenment this weekend? I can't wait to watch it here.


cjmom said...

she is beautiful Kellie - and conference is so helpful

Amy K said...

Hi Kellie!
After hearing conference, my goal is to slow down. Be purposeful in what I do, and not care as much about how much I can get done, but how well I can do what's important.

I can't believe that it's that hard to do, but in almost every instance of my day, I feel this need to hurry. I hurry through everything, and always feel like there is so much to do. I really think I can control that, (but not without a lot of work)

I'd love to hear how you're doing as you slow down and enjoy life as well. Good luck with your little one. She's precious!