Monday, October 19, 2009

Just because it's time for a new post

Seth choosing a pumpkin at our visit to the pumpkin farm.

Don't ask me why this paragraph is underlined. I can't figure out how to turn it off. We visited the pumpkin farm last weekend. Maybe more pictures will be forthcoming. Maybe not. I don't like to commit to things like that. We'll see.

Visiting the pumpkin farm almost made me feel like it was fall. The cooler weather, the pumpkins, the fall decorations and goodies for sale in the store. And though it is fall, it just isn't the same as fall driving through Sardine Canyon when the leaves are changing. I thought I would never miss the cool weather and signs of an impending winter, but this year, I am missing my roots. I'm missing the chilly nights, the sweaters, piles of leaves to play in, and the first frost. Sure we won't have to worry about buying halloween costumes big enough to fit a snow suit underneath, but I will be missing those fall leaves, and wishing that I could take a weekend trip to visit and get my fill. In the meantime, the I guess I'll take the lovely 80 degree weather and enjoy it.


Heidi said...

I've missed you! And you are remember the good side to fall here. We've had snow already so don't miss that!

Christina said...

Yes. The weather is finally bearable. I told my mom that I missed the fall colors and she replied, "Do you miss white?" I guess I'll enjoy the 80 degree weather as well.

Kelly said...

Nice pumpkin photo!

Lonna said...

You know I was thinking about this same thing the other day, how Halloween in Logan was long sleeved costumes and lots of times boots. Perfect sweater weather was basically from the time school started again until October, and the leaves, I too miss the leaves.

Gwen found a bright Yellow leaf the other day when we were on a walk and we looked around for where it could have come from, but it must have blown in from somewhere else. I love the changing of the seasons, but I will go along with everyone else I am not missing the "white".

I love that Seth is going for the giant sized pumpkins, maybe you should remind him who will be digging that sucker out. That is a great picture though.

Kathy Winward said...

I drove through Sardine canyon last weekend and there is nothing more beautiful than that canyon in the fall. We have lots of leaves to rake, I don't know if I'm looking formward to that.