Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rainy days

The best company

It has been a long day. When Trevor suggested he forego the rental car this week, and leave me home for a couple of days carless, I quickly agreed. With the pool, the playground, and Walmart all within just a few steps, I knew we would be okay. What I didn't count on was the rain. And the mud. So today we have been trapped inside. It's too wet for a walk, and walking is our only option. Not that I'm not thankful for the rain. I really am thankful.

But with the day worn away, and pizza on the way, I think we will be fine. Seth is napping soundly (in spite of the wisdom that suggests you never let your toddler sleep past four... It is now 5:10). Katelin is singing and chattering away in her bedroom -- the quiet time alarm went off, but she is enjoying herself too much to want to leave her sweet alone time. I love listening to her.

"I want to stay in quiet time for a long long time because I'm having too much fun," she is explaining to her toys right now.

My kids saved me today. Like I said, it was a long day. But I just couldn't keep keep from letting a little bit of their happiness creep in. It is just too hard to resist. Bless their happy little hearts. Not even a rainy day stuck in a small apartment can get them down.


Texas Dimons said...

That's when you let them run in the covered part out of your front door! How are you guys?

Heidi said...

I love listening to kids talk to themselves while they play. And I always take a nap past 4pm and then regret it later; but it feels so good!

Kellie said...

Jenn, They did play on the covered patio for a while; and we are doing well, other than a few rainy days.

Tams Family said...

Aren't kids great? I love how they can find the best in every situation (most of the time). Hope you are doing well!

Kelly said...

Hey, that reminds me. Can I get the name and number of the guy you know who can do auto body work for a decent price?

Your kids are looking good.