Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For your viewing pleasure

More pictures from the pumpkin farm.

Ah to have such long lashes...

Just picking flowers...

Get just the right one.


The making of a masterpiece.

The highlight of Seth's day.

Not quite big enough...

Nice braids.

Pumpkin deliberations.


Lonna said...

I bet that Katelyn was in heaven with all those flowers. Seth is so big. I can't believe that he was riding the horse, you know that would have been THE selling point for us.

What cute pictures. I love things that celebrate the seasons, and seeing the kids enjoy them. I hope that you had a great Halloween.

Christina said...

I love these pictures, Kellie, especially the one you took from the other side of the tube thing. Gee, I'm tired. It's funny how our kids seem to be having the same sorts of adventures.