Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogger's Rut


Easily Pleased.

I am in a blogger's rut. Actually in a little bit of a rut overall. Seth is cutting two molars and seems to be draining me of all energy with his whining, crying, fussing, and refusal of food, which then leads to hunger and more whining, crying and fussiness. I could really use a balloon or a princess crown to cheer me up. I will try to re-group and hit the blogging scene hard next week. Happy Friday.


The Winwards said...

Hey I recognize Katelin's shirt, so cute. We've definitely been in the rut of all ruts here. Today has been great though, because mom changed her attitude.

Kristy said...

I completely feel for you with the "baby cutting teeth problem". Mine has been cutting a molar and another tooth in front and the same issues have been happening at my house. Sounds like a night out for you would do a world of good! Good luck!

Ken and Shanda said...

Ruts happen... I know what would cheer you up... go get some chopin and play it for old times sake!