Monday, February 2, 2009


This is not really my junk drawer. I'm currently unable to download photos to my computer; gotta buy a new cord so I stole this shot from some lady - (here). I don't really have a junk drawer, because I only have a few drawers available in my house. Instead, I have a shoe organizer hanging inside of my closet which serves the same purpose as a junk drawer, only it looks worse and holds more junk.

You may be wondering why, after my declaration on spending my time and talents on the "Best" stuff, I have come back to my blog so frequently over the last week. I will tell you: I have determined that blogging, more specifically writing, is important to me.

I am still working on dejunking my life. I reiterate, it is much easier to dejunk your junk drawer than to pull out and look over all pieces of your life. I've been struggling to pull it all out - feeding the kids, grocery shopping, working on Young Women -- these things are all going back in the drawer. Aimlessly searching and reading the internet, talking on the phone when my kids need attention, volunteering for something that makes my life too crazy. This stuff can go to goodwill for someone else to pick up, or else maybe to the trash. Then there is the maybe pile - selling modbe, organizing my cupboards, going to storytime with Katelin. I just don't know how these fit into my life. First, I've got to take care of the important stuff. Stick to the basics. Then we'll see.

The best thing I've done with all of this is to rediscover and re-emphasize the items that were sort of buried before. Playing with my kids - on purpose. Talking to Trevor about something besides diapers and potty training. Writing. Exercise. Reflecting.

It isn't easy to make each day, each moment matter and seem important, and it is so easy to let junk seep into your life. But it seems, as I'm working at this day by day, it gets easier and I'm finding the things that really matter to me giving me purpose and happiness.


Christina said...

I think you should be rewarded for your good intentions. You inspire me, really. When you're done de-junking your life, will you help me with mine?

Jill said...

Amen to talking to your hubby about something besides the kids . . . but what a mind switch when that is such a BIG part of each day!!! I really like your thoughts on what to seek in life and understand when it is hard to understand where all the pieces fit - some are certainly easier to categorize than others.