Thursday, January 29, 2009

After Hours

If you've been wondering what Trevor has been doing after hours, you might be interested in this little clip. Trevor helped out our friend James who entered this in a film competition. When James wins, he'll get a bit of funding to work on his next big film. Trevor was going to help out with the film and they ended up throwing him in as the actor at the last minute, and I think he had fun with it.

After Hours from James Barlow on Vimeo.


Texas Dimons said...

Had no idea Trevor was an actor!!! How funny! Bet it was fun to do!

Huggermugger said...

And the Oscar goes to . . . Trevor Budge! I had no idea that he had this talent too in addition to all of the others I know he has. I'm so glad to hear from you all and to get hooked into your blog. I loved seeing the pics of the kiddles. They are adorable. I would still recognize Katelin and Seth looks very much like she did at his age. Personality wise, are they similar? I feel like I missed out but I thought it was so cute when you show the pics of his little teeth coming in. I'll keep watching and also you should check out Kelly's blog. She is in Rhode Island with husband Jason. When I saw your whole wheat pizza it reminded me of some of the things she cooks and shows. She makes quick, healthy recipes since she is working and short on time. She's at

Mary Lynn

Kelly said...

That was really excellent videography. The storyline was questionable. (silly, gross) It was really funny when Trevor said he was in a fight yesterday. I was cracking up. Nice job.