Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Have Miracles Ceased?

Sleeping Soundly at Two Months

Today is a red letter day! A red letter day is a day SO SIGNIFANT... SO IMPORTANT--- that you write about it in your journal using red ink. Grandma Winward used to send us the "Red Letter Letter" yearly. It gave us a list of all of the big family events of the year -- new babies, marriages, baptisms, ordinations, and so on. Consider the fact that she had twelve children, sixty five grandchildren, and as a result, oodles of great-grandchildren and posterity in general and you start to understand what an undertaking the "Red Letter Letter" might have been. I miss the Red Letter Letter and my Grandma for that matter, but back to the point.

Why the red letter day today? Today, my children, went into the same bedroom, at the same time, laid down in their beds and, without any noise, or crying, or complaining, they eased themselves off to dreamland... simultaneously.


Now maybe my red letter day wouldn't have made it to Grandma's cut, okay it definitely wouldn't have made it. After all, she did have oodles of posterity and had to keep red letter days to a minimum - otherwise everything would have been written in red ink. But considering my limited posterity - Katelin and Seth - I think I can include this. Let me explain why.

Today's red letter day comes after weeks of begging, pleading and crying in attempts to keep my sweet three year old in her bed after bed-time. It comes after months of trying to "teach" my baby how to sleep through the night, self-soothe, and usually, waking up with him several times through the night as a result.

It comes after experiencing sibling rivalry, jealousy, and outright meanness at bedtime.

And it comes after a lot of prayers for the health of our children, and for my sanity as a mother.

To some this may be insignificant, and I don't expect all days to go so smoothly, but it seems to me that someone is listening to my prayers. He answers on the small things. He answers on the big things. And there is nothing insignificant about that.

Note: See Moroni 7 for more on miracles.


Michelle W. Nate said...

Couldn't agree more. That definitely deserves a red letter letter. It is such a good feeling when they all go to bed without a fight.

Janelle said...

I agree with it being a red letter event! Having a small posterity myself those small miracle days make all the differance!

Christina said...

NO! It's huge. Congratulations. Who knew getting our kids to sleep would be so much work. Ours are in separate rooms so I applaud you.

Kristy said...

That is SUCH great news Kelli! I hope you enjoyed that naptime like crazy. I hear you on getting a little quiet time for yourself - Enjoy!

Jason said...

ironically, yesterday was the first day our 4 month old Mckenzie spent the night in her room. Not having to hear her snorting (yes she snorts) all night. A major red letter day for us.

Kristin Jones said...

That is definitely reason to celebrate. Ah sanity!!