Wednesday, October 29, 2008

P.S. About the Binky Fairy

A little substory to the post I listed below -- before this blessed event, we discussed the binky fairy and the gifts she brings (aka princess dresses) for months. This spontaneous willingness to part with the binky came after our, and I'm not kidding, 217th trip down the princess dress-up aisle. On this trip we happened to spot just the right Ariel dress, I guess, as Katelin thought it over and an hour later, the whole ordeal began. So, yes the binky fairy pays well, just enough to buy your dream princess dress.

Interestingly, after several nights without "Binks", (this thing was named), Katelin has decided she's ready to give the dress back in exchange for the binkies, and she hasn't gone to bed without a lot of screaming once! Poor thing. She just lost a member of the family.


Janelle said...

when we moved into this house I just told Ryan that there were no binkies here, and he never asked for one again. We did however have about a month of screaming and crying at bed time he would lay by his door and cry himself to sleep. One thing that seemed to help some was music, I had a baby geniuses cd that started out with twinkle twinkle little star then just a bunch of other instrumentals, that helped calm him a lot faster and we finally got him back in his bed and Olivia back in the room with him (we took her out and had her sleep in her playpen in another room so she could sleep) anyways just a thought don't give up and give them back!

Kellie said...

Don't worry. Binkies have been removed from the home and there is no going back... not at age 3 years and 4 months!

Amy said...

Kellie - good to haer from you again! Good luck with the binky deal. Hope all is going well. You have such a cute family.