Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Farewell Binks!

On Friday Katelin says, "Mom, I've got good news. I want to give my binkies to the binky fairy."

"Dear Binky Fairy, I love you. I hope you will bring me a present."

In bed without Binks!!

What we found in the morning. I guess the Binky Fairy's husband was out of town and so she couldn't slip away to the store to buy the special prize.

Katelin didn't mind.

Counting the change.


Angie said...

Way cute hair on Katelin, she's adorable. Congrats on the binkie bye-bye, and congrats on going public.

Angie said...

Wait a minute, I looked again, how much money does a girl get for getting rid of her binkie?

Christina said...

I'd like a present from the binky fairy as well.

Kristy said...

Wow! How great for Katelin to just decide to give up binky - no fuss or fight! I wish the binky fairy would leave me a wad of bills for a present!!!