Saturday, March 31, 2012

#533 - The sound of Trevor's brad nailer

Inspired by this book, I made a goal to count one thousand gifts in my life. I'll be sharing some of my list and insights with you as I go along this little journey.

It is a late-night Saturday when I hear it. This one project pulls at Trevor. He can't resist working on it. I don't blame him. I think we are more excited about it than the kids. I fantasize about all of the dreaming and playing and childhood that might happen inside these four walls. I wonder, if maybe, this house, with it's miniature doors and windows, might keep them small just a little longer... Or at least let them hold the magic of childhood while they can.

I hope so. I don't know. But when I hear the sound of the brad nailer, I'm thankful for it... and all of the magic that tool might bring.

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Christina said...

I am excited for your kids. I always wanted one of those. Lots of memories await!