Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We've moved. It's been awhile, but I am only now starting to feel like I'm a little bit in the swing of things. In spite of changes, some things stay the same.

Every morning, my kids wave goodbye as Daddy drives away to work. And then they wave again and again as he circles back on his motorcycle to blow them one last kiss or give one last high five. We're usually on a walk when this happens and for the ten minutes after Trevor finally leaves, Lina yells, "Dad," every thirty seconds, totally expecting him to circle back one more time.


Seth continues to surprise me. This is usually how it goes. I say, "Why don't we get your pajamas on?"

He whispers, "Go away. I want to surprise you."

Playing dumb I say, "Seth, I've got to do something, but I will be back to help you with your pajamas in two minutes."

I leave and reappear a few minutes later to find Seth grinning from ear with his pajamas on. "Surprise," he yells. He does not seemed bothered at all that this was not really a surprise at all.


Though Katelin now has her own room, she still has an incredible gift at dragging out bedtime. She knows just when to be cute and sweet to get you to tickle her back for a few extra minutes or just when to put up resistance (right when you are about to leave and really don't want a melt down). She is definitely gifted in this area.


It's nice to know that in spite of all the changes, there are some things you can always count on.


Heidi L. (Affair with Color) said...

I love it!! Kids know just how to manage us don't they.

Kellie said...

You're about to really figure this out, aren't you?