Monday, August 22, 2011

Missing Summer Days...

What happened to summer? To my big plans for projects and day trips and lunches with friends? Have we already eaten ALL of those popsicles? Visited all of those relatives? Mastered swimming lessons and splash parks and complained of the heat? Is it really over?

Yes, but we had some good days.

Slow days... just waiting around.

We had some fun surprises.

We tried new things. We drank lemonade. We got our feet wet.

This day was one of those. Running through sprinklers in Tracy's backyard. Thank goodness we took time to do that... and a few other things, because summer is officially over.

Hello school year. Hello kindergarten.

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Christina said...

Ch-ch-ch changes. Can't believe you are sending Katelin to kindergarten. I want to chat with you about your decision to wait on that. I'm having similar feelings. Moving too? At least you don't have to think about snow since you're staying in Austin.