Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Struggles

Katelin and Seth finished up preschool last week. The temperature is supposed to reach 100 degrees today. We've already been to the splash parks and the pool a few times. Yes, summer has arrived, but I'm not really ready for it.

I had such good plans of working out the perfect summer schedule, creating a great system to get the kids to help with cleaning up around the house, and making a nice bucket list of all of the fun things we would do during these next few months. I have started on all of those plans, but most of them are only half-baked.

Honestly, after a four-day week with the kids home all day, every day, I'm climbing the walls. My house is littered with toys and papers, my fridge is empty, my kids are whiney and I am frustrated. As is often the case, I'm finding my hopes and dreams for this summer aren't really meeting up with my reality... but, I think that is okay.

Just because things aren't perfect, doesn't mean they can't be good, or even excellent. So forget the cluttered house and the lack of food in the house, we are going to have a good day. It is summer, and this summer I intend to grill in our backyard on Fridays.

We will eat good healthy food.

We will run around in the back yard.

We will sit at the picnic table and eat our dinner.

And we will ENJOY it!

Even if there is some fussing and screaming along the way!

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