Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life is Pretty Good

Today I was scattered. I found myself this morning doing about seven things at once. I tell myself I'm a good multi-tasker, but honestly - I was trying to get myself ready for the day, and get Katelin to preschool, and convince Seth to change out of his pajamas, and pack a lunch, and keep Lina from screaming. I found that I wasn't doing any of those things very well. I started combing my hair at 8:00am, but finished it about 4:15pm. Seth wore his pajamas to Katelin's preschool. Lina screamed until we left, and somehow we were able to get Katelin to school.

The rest of the day continued in like manner. I would start one thing, then get distracted with something else -- feeling pulled in too many directions.

In the late afternoon, when Lina was finally napping for a few minutes, I focused. I finished combing my hair. I cleaned up the random objects lying around the house. I figured out dinner and for the first time all day, things were in order.

I was able to actually focus on the project I'd been meaning to start all day. A few minutes in I noticed the kids were a little too quiet. When this happens, investigation is a must. Often I'll find new pictures colored on the wall or paint spilled in the garage. Today, that wasn't the case. Instead I found Seth leaning on Katelin's shoulder as she read The Frog Prince. In the moment, I was reminded that life is pretty good.


Christina said...

Thank you.

Jill Robinson said...

This is too precious and I love your blog! I'm glad to see y'all are doing great!