Monday, January 24, 2011

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?

Since you are all dying to know what we are doing right at this minute (2:26 on a Monday afternoon), I thought I would tell you. We're all having a little Kix fix (except for Seth, who is luckier because he is getting a nap!) Here's how you might get this sort of fix...

Up on all fours...

Steady does it...

That's it, we have lift off!

Rev your engines, vroom, vroom.

And another attempt.

If you work at it long enough, your sister might give you a little reward.

Kix. Yummy!

And if you thought allowing your child to eat Kix off of the floor was bad, I won't mention the crayon she found earlier or the marker she sucked on for a few minutes yesterday. And you probably don't want to hear about the blue spit-up that came after she sucked on the marker either. Turns out a Kix fix, from the floor, is much better than a marker fix.

Too bad she won't nap, because the napping fix is what I am longing for the most.

And Christina, I know you asked, so I promise, sometime this week I'll share my quiet time secrets (because you've got to have quiet time if you are going to survive motherhood, in my opinion). But I can't tell you my secrets now, because I'm hoping to use them soon. Happy Monday.

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Kelly said...

Lina is a doll, Kellie! I have missed most of her life and haven't seen pictures of her lately.