Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Month

One month ago, my baby brother got married..
to this girl. I like her. She is a Texan.

Lina celebrated big with cousin Brittany
My mom threw the whole party and still looked beautiful!

My dad threw the party and still had time for Lina. He looks pretty sharp too.

After all the festivities in Idaho were finished. Lina and I flew home for Christmas and some family time and one week later we found ourselves celebrating again... in Texas.

Even Katelin and Seth got dressed up for the occassion.

In fact, we brought the whole family to the second reception.
I think the hosts might have regretted inviting us?

My mom was a bit more relaxed this time around!

By this point, Lance and Kristen had been married for a whole week.
They look a bit more relaxed too!

Happy One Month Anniversary you two! We think you are both great.

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Kelly said...

Your brother and you look alike. What an attractive couple. I love her wedding dress!

Your family photo is great. You look fantastic, Kellie. Everyone does, actually! Congratulations to your brother and his new wife.