Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Glad

Happy to have Lina...

And Sethie

And Katelin too!

Last week, the kids and I were outside sidewalk-chalking away, when the neighbor showed up with her cute little pug, unleashed. He is mild and friendly, but Katelin is terrified of any dog (except Grandma's Andy who died last winter) and to say she freaked out is to put it mildly. There were tears and screams and clinging, then running.

In the midst of this drama, another neighbor walked by, and while I was explaining that Katelin has had some dogs run and jump right in her face, this neighbor piped in, "I'm just so glad that I don't have kids."

The words stung; I didn't know how to respond.


Parenting is hard, hard work. Sometimes it is monotonous. Sometimes it is drudgery. On the worst days it is living with a house full of little people (sometimes three actually feels like ten) who seem to be draining you of all the energy and creativity you have left. Sometimes you yell and snap and do things you aren't proud of. And sometimes you are certain that you won't make it through the rest of the day. But then, you do. Because if you, the parents, aren't able to find a project for the preschooler, decipher the toddlers speech, or help the baby fall asleep, who will? It is your job to take care of them, and so you do. And while sometimes it is unpleasant, it isn't always tantrums or monotony or drudgery. Actually, usually, it isn't any of those things.


Last night, with Trevor away for work, and the day coming to a close, Katelin made a suggestion - bedtime stories in Mom's bed. I agreed and when teeth were brushed, jammies applied, and bathrooms visited we all climbed in.

With Lina sleeping, my hands were free, and I pulled my boy and girl close, kissing them more times than they wanted. I felt Seth's chubby hand on my shoulder and noticed the two new teeth growing into Katelin's little grin, and once again I remembered why it is I am so glad that I do have kids.


AJ said...
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AJ said...

I think I would have said something mean back like "yeah, well, your not kids are glad you don't have any too." My kids are afraid of dogs too, my 2 yr. old for the same reason: one came and jumped on him out of nowhere at the park and knocked him down. I saw a book once titled something to the effect of I was a great parent until I had kids. True that!

Lisa said...

I really love your posts. You remind me why it is I love being a Mom. :)

Robert and Lisa said...


Heidi said...

I love my dogs but I look forward to the day when we have kids. I like the idea of having both.

Christina said...

So, so true. Sometimes the meltdowns are hard to bear, but I would never, ever change having kids for any sort of monotony.