Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Checking In...

My kids living in the moment...

I haven't been reporting on my efforts to slow down by reading and pondering on the patio every morning, so here it is - In all of October, I have missed one day. They say that after three weeks, we can make a habit, and I think I am finally here. It is automatic for me to slip out every morning for a few minutes to myself.

This morning was the same as most mornings. I sat on the patio while Lina put toys in her mouth and Katelin & Seth entertained each other. The window was open and I loved listening to their noises while I read and prayed and watched the morning. Again. No matter how many times I do this it is always amazing to see the sunrise, listen to the birds welcome the morning and just to feel the cool breeze.

I read a couple of pages from a new book this morning, Present Moment Awareness. The first couple of exercises are supposed to help you just be in the moment - listening, hearing, feeling, watching, etc. As I have gone through the day, I have been reminded of how often I am not in the present moment, but instead am worrying about something that is coming up (where I am going, who needs to eat and when, etc.) or thinking about something that happened earlier or yesterday or whatever. Staying where you are is incredibly challenging.

One thing I do know is this - children know how to live in the moment. They are not worried about yesterday or tomorrow. They live for today, right now. I don't know how to do that, especially while managing all the responsibilities of being a grown up, but I think it is an effort worth striving for.

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