Thursday, January 28, 2010

What We Learned In January

Notice the bruise says, "I Heart"

That's because Katelin is loved. This is before the swelling drained down below both of Katelin's eyes and made her look like a thug who had lost a fist fight. A cute thug, but a thug nonetheless. We've had some dirty looks at Target the last couple of weeks.

January Lesson #1 (a possible New Year's Resolution): Do not run towards your bed while talking on the phone and eating a ham sandwich. The end.


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

poor katelin. i saw her with the black eyes. but i'm glad to know the lesson so i won't do the same thing!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Katelin. I remember when I was little and got a black eye. I thought it was cool because it looked like I was wearing makeup.


Lonna said...

Oh my. That is a good lesson to learn. We have yet to pull off the black eye trick, but I am sure that it is in our future, probably near the time when we will be taking family pictures.

When Gwen had the burn victim hand from getting her thumb stuck in the car door we got terrible terrible looks, I wanted to wear a sign saying that it wasn't my fault, and what really happened. Maybe you should have her dress up like it is Halloween each day and she can be a ghoul or a zombie or something then people will just thing that she has an over active imagination.