Thursday, August 13, 2009

When Katelin Went to the Temple

A few weeks ago in her sunbeams class at church, Katelin learned all about what she needs to do to prepare to go to the temple. She reported everything back to me. She would need to eat healthy food, obey her mother, be kind, and so forth.

A day or two later I asked Katelin to do something. She responded, "Yes, because I want to obey you. I want to go to the temple."

By the end of the week, she was begging us to take her. I explained to her that until she was older and ready to participate in temple worship, she would only be able to see the temple from the outside. "But can Iplease just have a peek?" she asked.

Well, a week or two went by and we found ourselves in Dallas helping my sister-in-law move into their new apartment. In the middle of this visit, we found time to go to the Dallas/Fort Worth temple so I could attend an endowment session.

When I had finished my session, I met Trevor and the kids outside on the lawn and discovered that Katelin needed to use the restroom. Normally, we would take her to the distribution center bathrooms (kind of a temple bookstore) nearby, but they were closed. We thought we would have to head down the street. Then I realized something.

The Dallas temple is set up with a very large lobby and waiting room. This area is available to those who aren't yet able to go inside and participate in temple ceremonies. In this waiting area there was access to a restroom. When I told Katelin she could walk into the temple with me, and take a quick peek, she was elated. She was also pretty excited to use the temple bathrooms, which, by the way, were baby blue. Very memorable.

Katelin getting reverent so she can enter the temple.

I think Seth was a bit mad that he couldn't go inside.

But Katelin told him all about it afterwards.

Overall, a very nice day at the Dallas temple. I'm happy to see Katelin understanding how important the temple is to us. To learn a bit more about temples, you can go here.


cjmom said...

Thanks for sharing that story. It is really beautiful

Kelly said...

great pictures too

Lisa said...

so sweet!!!