Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to Get Married

Katelin talking to Seth: And Seth, you HAVE to get a ring, okay?

Me to Katelin: What are you doing?

Katelin: Teaching Seth how to get married.

Katelin continues talking to Seth: Then you get the ring and say, "Will you marry me?" And she puts the ring on her finger, on any finger she wants...

Seth: blank stare

Katelin: Then she wears a white dress... or a purple dress... or whatever color. And you wear something very handsome. Like black. Kind of like this shirt (note: the shirt is actually navy), but without the basketball on it. But you have to look soooo handsome. Okay?

P.S. I'm back in the office and ready to blog again... Happy Wednesday.


cjmom said...

Why does this remind me of you when you were little?

Christina said...

Where do they get these things? Have you been watching "A Wedding Story?" p.s. Loved your Lance post. Couldn't think of anything to say that would do it justice.

cindy said...

I miss having those cute little grandchildren around. Katelin is so creative!

Lisa said...

So, Sweet. Little Katelin is growing up. Before you know it you'll be having a wedding.