Monday, June 29, 2009

The lives that touch ours

from left to right Nathaniel, Allison, Brad, Lance Winward, Lance Jensen, Mike
from left to right -Lance Jensen, Lance Winward, and Brad several years later

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It is strange how different people touch our lives. Less than a week ago, a friend of our family's died while swimming at Henry's Fork near Rexberg, Idaho. Lance Jensen was just twenty-one years old and engaged to be married.

My associations with Lance were limited. I remember the little kid in the above picture. That's the boy who took Shorty's bus to school with us all those years ago. He was the other Lance, born the same year as my brother -Lance Winward. He was part of the 8th West crew, and a friend to my brother.. When my parents ward boundaries changed, and they were back in the Third Ward (long after I moved away), Lance was part of a great group of boys that made Scout camps and mutuals and other churchy type activities enjoyable for my brother. My parents watched him grow up alongside of our Lance, and I observed him from a distance. He was just a great kid.

So this week, I mourn with Lance's family. With his mom and dad - his brother and sisters. I mourn with his fiancee. I mourn with my parents and my brother and with countless others whose lives were touched by his. But I celebrate also. He lived well. He served well. He touched the life of our family and of many others, and we know he can return to his Father in Heaven and be reunited with friends and family once again.

If nothing else, this week has reminded me that in life, there are no guarantees. Our Father in Heaven hasn't promised us life without sorrow or pain. He hasn't promised us unlimited breaths nor any guarantee that we will live to do all we desire. He has only promised us that through it all, He will be there to guide us - to lift us. And in the darkest moments, He's promised he will come, bringing comfort and light.

I can't mourn and celebrate the life of Lance Jensen, without mourning and celebrating the life of Trevor's uncle, Cort Budge. It was just over a month ago when his life was taken, and we think of and miss him. We mourn his passing, and celebrate his limitless kindness. He was the uncle who treated me like a relative, before really knowing me. We are sad that he is gone, but grateful to our Heavenly Father for blessing our lives through his. And grateful to know that Sunday will come... (see here for more on what that means).


Trevor said...

Thank you Kellie, well said, both good men that have influenced the lives of many!

Kathy said...

Thanks Kellie---you express our feelings so well!

Love you!

Kelly said...

These two gentlemen seemed to have made a good mark on those around them, and I'm sorry for your loss.