Monday, May 11, 2009

One Dollar's Worth of Fun

Mother's Day Kite Flying

My Mother's Day brought a sick Katelin, or at least a recovering Katelin so we spent the day at home, while Trevor headed off to church, where he would be speaking on what a wonderful mother I am... or something like that. I was particularly disappointed to miss his talk and what would have been Katelin's debut with the Primary children singing "Mother I Love You." So sad.

Nevertheless, in the evening we hit the park with some heavy duty kite-flying -the highlight of my Mother's Day. I just can't help but love watching something soaring so high. Oh to be a kite...


Lisa said...

How fun! We need to catch up with you guys!

Heidi said...

We love bubbles at my house! Copper jumps up and eats them (Copper is my dog, for those who don't know me) but I think they are relaxing for me too.