Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Burning Questions

  1. How did this child (the bald one) "fix" my computer screen so that to read it you have to turn your head sideways?

  2. How does one who doesn't have much interest in scrapbooking still keep a few sentimental  items (besides pictures) and such for posterity's sake?

  3. How would one go about getting rid of fruit flies?

  4. Should I donate or trash my graco carseat, expiration December of 2011, but it has now been used for the first year of life for both of my children? Is it still safe?

  5. What should we have for dinner tonight??
If you have answers to these or any other questions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


Texas Dimons said...

totally had the computer thing happen...can't remember exactly where you go, but it has to do with the graphics, I'm thinking it was specific to the monitor..we had it happen 2x and i had to hunt around to find it both times...i'll keep looking for you.
Scrapbook...I just keep a plastic box that I put the things I want to keep in, and I figure they can keep or get rid of what they want when they get older...I keep a file folder by my phone to put pictures/ stuff they bring home from school that I want to keep, then when it gets full I just put it in the box. Paige does something similar, but keeps the folder by year (I just put the date on it!)
fruit flies: put a jar out with a vinegar in it, put a couple of holes in the top, the flies go in, but can't come out...sometimes you have to experiment with the size of the hole, but start smaller.
I would donate the car seat. If it's in good condition someone will use it!
I think I am all out of advice now...let me know if I can solve any of your other problems...since it's 10:00 I decided to forgo the dinner, but you can always do spaghetti!

Amber said...

We had the computer screen issue a few times as well, thanks to a little munchkin. Apparently there are a few problems that can cause it and each has a different solution. Ours was simple, you press CTRL, ALT, and the up arrow at the same time. If that doesn't work, just google it. I love google.

I would just get some little plastic tupperware boxes with lids, one for each kid, and put stuff in them you want to keep. Even though I am a scrapbooker (well, in my former life, as one of your previous posts reminded me of!), but I still do this. I put things like hospital hats, first binkies, hospital bracelets, etc., in them.

Fruit flies, well, maybe eat more junk and less fruit. Just kidding, but it would make me feel generally less guilty.

Keep your carseat if it's still good for 2 years, unless you are 100% sure you're not having any more kids. What if you need it? As long as it hasn't been recalled, it should be safe until it expires. You can find recalled car seats at

Dinner, the never-ending questions. A recent favorite of ours is chicken salad. I don't know if your kids would eat it, mine won't, but anyway...we just marinate some chicken in Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki with Sesame Seeds marinade for about an hour. Then cook it and cut it and cube it. The salad consists of romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, carrot shreds, avocado chunks, shredded cheese, tomatoes, and occasionally croutons. Then just add the chicken. I like ranch on it because I love ranch on everything, but Nick puts Italian on his. Another favorite is home-made pizza. If you want it, I have a super easy, super yummy pizza crust recipe. And it's fun to make on Mondays for family night.

Well, you asked for it! That's what you get when the littlest of my bundles of joy won't sleep! Have a fabulous day, and a yummy dinner tomorrow night!

Christina said...

I never cease to be amazed by what my kids can do to my computer and cell phone (sending text messages?). As for the carseat: wait until 2010 just incase you have a surprise baby then donate it to someone who can use it. I don't know why carseats expire, but I'd rather not take my chances.

Kelly said...

What DID you have for dinner last night?

Kellie said...

We did get the computer fixed. And Kelly, last night Trevor made hamburgers for dinner. Nothing fancy, but it fed us! Hooray.

Heidi said...

Well it sounds like everyone gave you great answers. Me on the other hand would have said... get a new computer, throw all excess papers away, move to a new house to get away from the flies, donate the carseat and if you have another kids soon just buy a new one AND go somewhere yummy for dinner! Oh the life of a single girl. I did have a good laugh answering your questions though, lol!

Anonymous said...

We're having french dip sandwiches for dinner. Hey, Seth looks a little mischevious in that picture.

Kristy said...

Seth looks so grown up in this post and so mischievious! Charlotte has done the same thing to my monitor and my computer guy (Jim) had to fix it. Everyone else has given you lots of good advice so I'll forgo more except that I did once hear that 5 years is the limit on car seats and I haven't researched it anymore to tell you if that is the truth. Also, we had hot dogs tonight!