Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Reunion

Perhaps there is nothing better for me about a trip home than watching my children interact with their grandparents. Nobody loves my children like their grandparents do. It is a special treat to spend several days in their homes as they take special care to spend time with the kids and spoil them with lots of love and attention.

Grandpa Winward introduces Seth to the dog.

Cuddling up with Grandma winward at the end of a long day

Grandma Budge is always taking pictures. At Trisha's wedding she handed her camera to Trevor while she was in the reception line and gave him specific instructions - "Take pictures of the grandkids."

Katelin and Grandpa Budge greet each other after eight long months


Christina said...

Oh! I hope you had a good time (nothing reminds you of how great southern life is like going home to an Idaho winter).

Kelly said...

How sweet! It seems like Trevor takes after his dad, with that bubbly personality.