Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Floating over clouds

I didn't fly on an airplane until I was twenty years old. It was a day of anticipation, and excitement. I savored the newness of that day. Watching the world below. Sitting and chatting with a stranger. Seeing the comings and goings of so many people and dreaming of my destination.

I've flown many times since that day, until the energy and buzz of the airport has become ordinary. Second-hand. But today was different. In spite of several flights Katelin has taken before, she absorbed each moment of the day -- observing, watching, wondering.

I want to remember her enthusiasm. To memorize her face and her words.

"Is this our plane?"

"I think we're flying."

"This is so fun."

I want to remember the way she studied and asked about the safety information packet. The way she waited anxiously for each snack, each drink. The way she enjoyed her special pillow and blanket. The way she said, "Blast off!" when plane started to rise.

I enjoyed the day with her. We watched through the small airplane window as the cars below grew smaller and smaller. We talked about flying through clouds and then we gazed in delight at the piles of puffy white stretching below us. I felt, just a little, like I was flying for the first time.

Interestingly, Seth actually was.


Lonna said...

So I think that the last time that we flew back to Utah was the first time that Gwen didn't sleep on the plane, she has been conditioned since the age of 3 months how to take advantage of sleep on the plane, but the last time was my fun moment with her as well, she could talk about nothing but the airports and the planes.

It was refreshing and fun to have her to actually talk a little to instead of just hearing whining as I strapped her in for the second leg of the flight, or whatever else came next.

I am so glad that Katelin was so much fun for you on the flight. And what a treat the it seems Seth was an angel for you on his first flight. Happy Anniversary. I hope that you have a great day.

Christina said...

Kellie, that's beautiful. You've inspired me to write again. I wish we were closer and we could form a writing group. I'm glad K was entertained by the plane and that they actually gave you snacks.