Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living Simply?

Freshly picked for me from Katelin

It's hard to live a simple life. It's hard to allow only the best things in. I know because I'm trying, and sometimes even succeeding. I think it will get easier.

You see I found this list of 72 ways to live a simple life. And all of those ideas kept multiplying in my brain. I started planning and listing (if only in my head) all of the things I needed to "get done" so that I could say, "My life is now simple. I live simply."

But it doesn't work that way. I've been doing all the normal things I do. I set a goal. Work towards it. Check it off. Move on. I'm always so focused on the future, on the next moment. The way it will feel when it is "done."

But I never get there. I'm always reaching for the next thing.

I've been doing this my whole life (at least since I can remember). My Young Women are doing it. They don't want to learn about the newest Young Women Value, virtue, because they have already done the Personal Progress thing. What about the process? The learning? Do we all only do the things that help us check it off as done?

The thing is, sometimes I just stop. I stop reaching and start breathing. Start watching. Start enjoying.

It happened yesterday. I was folding laundry. The window was open with light pouring in, and I was thinking about sacred things. It was a beautiful moment.

It happened again today. I sat on a blanket watching Katelin pick me a bouquet of dandelions while Seth tasted a few rocks. My kids remind me most. They find joy in the moment. That is what I want, what I am reaching for.


Lonna said...

First off I am glad to know that my kids are not the only one that taste/sometimes eat rocks, and second that you remember to stop and breath. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck on fast forward, and it is hard to get out of that.

I think that you are really onto something life changing, in that you recognize the moments and then reflect on them too. Nice work, you make me fee like I can try harder too.

Jenette said...

I love that thought! And then I need to stop letting the crazy (and by crazy, I mean crazy busy) world and people around me make me feel bad because I do stop and breathe. That is the trick for not compare what I am doing to those around me. Because they are not breathing. I want them all to read your blog Kellie!!!! You have great insight!