Monday, December 1, 2008


Sethie's Purple Swollen Teeth - taken just over a week ago

  • Today Trevor woke up just 20 minutes before he was supposed to be at the dentist.
  • After Trevor left I realized that we forgot to pull out the carseat so that Katelin could get a ride to preschool with a friend.
  • Today Sethie's second upper front tooth finally made an appearance.
  • Today I felt like I had accomplished nothing during the 2.5 hours Katelin was at preschool.
  • Today I looked at the mold growing the cracks of my tile in the bathroom and simply COULDN'T take it anymore.
  • Today Katelin & I fixed the wooden letters that make her name and re-hung them in her bedroom.
  • Today Katelin "spelled" silly words on my back while she procrastinated going down for quiet time.
  • Today the phone lines went down and we couldn't make or receive any phone calls any phone calls.
  • Today my kids managed to make three big messes in less than two hours.
  • Today I spent what felt like the ENTIRE afternoon cleaning the bathrooms while my kids destroyed the rest of the house.
  • Today Trevor rescued me by helping at least straighten up the rest of the house and suggesting Rudy's instead of a home-cooked meal
  • Today Seth and I bonded with a few grins and laughs during dinner
  • Today we caught up with an old friend while the AT&T repairman fixed our phones and our internet line (I hope).
  • Today it is late. I am tired. I will probably wake up with Seth three times between now and six in the morning, but today, life is good.


Christina said...

Ouch, those poor teeth! I've often wondered why I try so hard to keep a clean house only to have it destroyed moments later. I miss you, Kellie.

Angie said...

Super Ouch. Let's hope your tomorrow is less stress than your today.

Jenette said...

Oh wow...I need to stop whining about my papers! What a day. Here's to tomorrows!!

Kristin Jones said...

Holy looks like a lot happened "today."

Lisa said...

Ok you did more in that one day that I sometimes do in a week!!! ;-)