Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I'd like to believe that material things don't matter much to me -that all I need is the basic simplicities of life to be happy. But lately, I keep imagining the happiness that would fill my life if I were to wake up each morning and eat a bowl of cereal from a fiestaware cereal bowl. I could choose tangerine or shamrock or sunflower depending on my mood, and I am pretty sure the entire day would be better.

I would use the lunch dishes to teach basic colors -- "Seth, what color is your bowl?" -- and numbers -- "Katelin, how many blue plates are on the table?" And instead of tossing a few plastic dishes on the table at dinner time, I would carefully set a new palette of dishes each night. It would be simple. It would be beautiful. I would be happy. Don't you think??


Heidi said...

I love things!! Those dishes are great.

Christina said...

I love those colors. Christmas is coming, you know. It could be a gift for the kids and the mom.

Brock and Tyra said...

Food does taste better in cute dishes. It's proven.

And food is healthier when it is served in cute dishes.

You need those dishes.

Conni said...

Hello Kelly!! I'm on your blog! Yippee. How are you? We are doing great, and I'm glad you stopped by and commented on our blog. Check us out anytime and feel free to comment!

I totally agree, I sometimes think life would be better with just a few little cheerful things around me. Who can resist a colorful bowl or plate filled with yummy food. It's sure to brighten anyone's day!
TC~ Conni

Kelly said...

Oh, for sure! I would have to agree. I can attest to those very wise imaginings being completely true. Oh yes, the aforementioned goods would make your wildest breakfast dreams come true. May the yearnings for multi-colored Fiestaware be your reality at some point in the near future.

You're a crack up, Kellie.