Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simple Meal Planning

BLT Salad - Yum!

Planning, shopping for and preparing meals isn't exactly my strength; I guess I'm better at eating the food. Anyway, I've been working on simplifying the whole process. I started to categorize all of the meals we normally eat, then considered our weekly schedule and then I came up with this little plan.

Monday - Pasta Night - Because it's easy leaving time for Family Night.
Tuesday - Mexican - We love guacamole.
Wednesday - Scrounge - Find whatever is left and eat it
Thursday - Salad - The idea is to eat the lettuce the day I buy it, before it goes bad.
Friday - On the Grill - The night Trevor will cook for me.
Saturday - Easy Peasy Meals -If it isn't easy, it's too easy to eat out.
Sunday - Chicken or Fish - This is the one day we gear our meals towards the adults, while the kids might eat crackers, cheese, and bits of fruits and veggies.

I've been using this as my meal planning guide for a month or two. It really is easier. We don't always stick to the plan, but, at least we have one to start with (most of the time).

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Lisa said...

I like this. A lot. I've been struggling with this myself. The past 2 weeks I have actually had a plan (written on paper - posted on the fridge) and stuck to it. It's nice to have a plan.