Monday, April 4, 2011

Something to Wake Up For

This is one happy face I love to see in the morning

Mornings are not my strong point.

My college roommate will attest to that fact. (Jenette, I am so sorry about that snooze button - over and over and over. It is a wonder you didn't move out after one semester).

When I was first married, and still teaching school, my mornings were frantic and hurried. I insisted Trevor wake up and eat breakfast with me before I left at seven in the morning, even though his classes never started until much later. (He often made me my lunch, too.) When things switched and he was the guy dashing off to work each morning, I stayed in bed -- as long as possible. He would quietly tip-toe out of our bedroom each morning, and oh how wonderful it was that Katelin, who was just a baby then, would actually sleep in.

Katelin still sleeps late (if I let her), but for me, sleeping in really isn't an option. Now I relish the mornings when I am awake early enough to enjoy a few moments of quiet. The problem lies in peeling my covers off of my sleep-deprived body, and getting my feet onto the floor before Seth waltzes into my bedroom and steals away any hope of morning solitude. It is my daily struggle. But, there is one thing that helps - having something to wake up for.

Lately that something has been breakfasting on the patio with Trevor. If we do this early enough, I actually have ten minutes of uninterrupted conversation with that guy, and not the tired, late-night, I can barely focus conversation either. For a girl who normally has three adorable, but very demanding little chicks running around her feet - that kind of conversation is something to wake up for. And on the mornings when I have a few extra minutes on my hands, sometimes I even pack a lunch.

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