Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hold on Tight

Holding on Tight
(after Seth's Birthday Picnic)

Three years ago yesterday Seth came into this world weighing a whopping 8 lbs. 15 oz. (which seemed so big, until Lina was born), but the little guy wasn't fat. Not a single roll on his body then - and not one since. He came fast. One moment I was in labor, and then -- well there was a doctor and some nurses and pushing and then Seth, with one eye cemented shut.

All of a sudden the doctors and nurses were gone, delivering other babies. When I called for a nurse to get me a washcloth to clean and open his eye, they were busy, and would come later, and didn't want me to do it myself. All I wanted in the whole world at that moment was to look into his eyes.

Both of his eyes.

Instead I stared into one, and when the nurse finally came - it was magic.


Today I organized Lina's changing table, weeding out clothes, burp cloths and blankets. That is where I found the size 3 month onesies we've been stuffing her ever-growing body into for the past 10 months. They are worn, stained, faded, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, but I love them. I love the baby who wore them the week she came home from the hospital and the almost-toddler who squished into them just last week.


Tomorrow, Seth will start preschool. I'm not ready, but his teachers are going to work with him on his speech, so it seems like a good idea. A friend of mine will watch the girls, so Seth and I will drive to the school sans sisters. I will pull him from his carseat, backpack in hand, and while we cross the street we will sing our favorite safety song...

"Hold on tight, off we go. Hold on tight, don't let go. We gotta walk, walk, walk, together. Stay, stay, stay together."

When we arrive on the other side and greet his teachers it will be time. I will squeeze him tight., and though everything inside of me is yelling to hold on tighter, I will let him go.

But only for a couple of hours.


Jill Robinson said...

This is absolutely precious! :) I love the picture as well.

Lisa said...

Beautiful picture of you and your kids. And you are tugging at my heartstrings! I registered James for Kindergarten today and had to fight the tears. I just can't believe my first baby is about to leave my home and my daily routine.

Buddy Roberts said...

Sweet post!!! Is he in Logan's class?